Rise Above Suicide Stigma

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Rise Above Suicide Stigma

Rise Above Suicide Stigma

Rise Above Suicide Stigma

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When someone passes away from suicide, as a society, we tend not to know what to say. This ultimately leads us to say nothing at all. In turn leaving those affected by suicide to grieve and suffer alone.Dana Stroschein wanted to change that.Dana is a Licensed and Independent Clinical Social Worker with her Masters in Social Work and a passion for helping like we've never seen. Seeing a large need, and not satisfied with the current resources, Dana started the local suicide prevention non-profit, Rise Above Suicide Stigma.

The organization's goal is three fold:

  1. Work to push forward legislative changes aimed at preventing suicide
  2. Educate our community on suicide so we're able to better support each other
  3. Provide healing, peer-centered retreats for anyone affected by suicide

Rise Above has a powerful message to spread and a clear vision for a stronger community. It's noble work, but it's a tall order to fill. That's where we entered the picture.

Behind the Design

We helped Rise Above in its infancy create a succinct way to communicate who they are and how they help. We built their logo to have multiple dimensions, each nodding to aspects of the organization that sets it apart. The rising sun signifies the optimism of a new day. A new day that brings hope and shines a light onto any darkness that has been felt. The eagle has a special connection to Dana and captures an individual's ability to rise, and even soar, above past struggles. The bottom of the logo represents both a flowing rive from which rebirth can begin as well as creates two hands coming together. The hands represent the peer-centered support the organization will offer. The sky itself also makes up the appearance of a life ring. It's this symbol of relief that the organizations hopes to be for the hurting community affected by suicide.It's a lot packed into one logo, but we gave special consideration to bring each element together in a meaningful yet simple way. Our goal is to create brand that help tell a story all the while staying visually pleasing.Dana and her idea for a suicide prevention non-profit was actually referred to us. So whether it's for your own company or someone else's, we encourage you to reach out if you need help communicating your story.

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