WLSSD Biofilter Explanation

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WLSSD Biofilter Explanation

WLSSD Biofilter Explanation

Western Lake Superior Sanitary District (WLSSD)

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Western Lake Superior Sanitary District (WLSSD) protects and improves water quality in the Duluth-Cloquet, Minnesota area. That simple statement doesn't do them justice, though. They do so much more, and the technicality behind what they do is immense. That's where we came in. WLSSD wanted help simplifying and clearing explaining how their biofilter system works.

Biofilter Diagram Design

Of course there are existing diagrams of the biofliter system from engineers, but to you and I those can be a little dense and extremely hard to comprehend. So our first step was to really understand how the biofilter works so we could simplify the process in layman's terms. From there we boiled down the system to the bare bones that would be most helpful for community members to understand. Using those, we created a custom illustration of WLSSD's biofilter. The diagram contains various cross-sections of the filter to break down the different components. In addition, the layout provided space for biofilter's benefits to be called out. We made these editable so the client could add them in and adjust as needed.

Other Educational Diagrams

WLSSD is all about educating the community on their services. They work to weave educational pieces into their website, marketing materials and even their buildings. To check out another educational diagrams we've created for WLSSD, visit their main lobby to view their floor-to-ceiling wall mural that highlights all their services.If your business could use help explaining and displaying a complex process or system, let us know. We'd love to help you distill it down and seamlessly communicate it to your audience.


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