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Ad Advance Storefront

Ad Advance Storefront

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A storefront is the face of your business. It first and foremost lets customers know you're there. However, it also can help explain your services, your business' personality as well as other details like hours, website, how to make an appointment, etc.Most recently, we got the chance to reimagine Ad Advance's storefront design as a part of their move to their new downtown Duluth office space.

The Challenge

The challenge on this project may seem simple. Create an on-brand storefront design — right? Well, this project had a little more to it than just that.Ad Advance is a PPC Amazon advertising agency. They're achieving some really great returns for their customers but while they're based in Duluth, their customers are not. They primarily work with really large Amazon sellers, ones that are all over the country. So their storefront didn't need to display a 'learn how to work with us' message. The goal of this storefront design was instead two fold. 1) Let locals know that there is a powerful, cutting-edge advertising agency right in the Twin Ports area. 2) Showcase their innovative, creative and collaborative culture to encourage interested candidates to learn more and apply to be part of their growing team.

The Solution

With Ad Advance offering custom, state-of-the-art technology, we wanted our design to be bold but clean. Attention grabbing but not flashy. We first updated the existing awning as a place to bring attention to the company's name. We chose the windows as good real estate for highlighting not only their services but also their core values. The door also features the company's name once more, tying it nicely with the awnings, as well as information on how interested candidates can go to learn more.Check out 324 W Superior Street, Duluth, MN to see how it turned out in person!

Want More?

Ad Advances isn't our first storefront design, and it won't be our last. To check out other stores we've transformed, check out our work pages below.


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