Grand Marais Art Colony | 2020 Brochure

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Grand Marais Art Colony | 2020 Brochure

Grand Marais Art Colony | 2020 Brochure

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The Grand Marais Art Colony (GMAC) nurtures art within the Grand Marais community. As part of that mission, they offer numerous events, exhibitions, and classes. To provide community members a comprehensive place to learn the details of each offering, we created a user-friendly and design-forward brochure.Utilizing GMAC's established logo, we created variations for each category as a way to establish an easy to navigate, color coordinated system. This system is used throughout the brochure to allow readers a seamless way to find areas they're interested in. This particularly pronounced in the tab system we implemented for easy search ability.We also incorporated a page tear out component throughout the brochure. This enables readers to have a quick reference of start dates for various classes.Beyond simplistic functionality, we wanted to bring a true artistic feel to each page. The brochure is filled with full-color photographs, beautifully showcase work examples from GMAC members.Virtually take a peek inside the brochure through the images below. You can also visit the Grand Marais Art Colony website if you're interested in learning more.

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