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Lake Rock Wealth Management

Lake Rock Wealth Management

Lake Rock Wealth Management

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When we were first introduced to this project, Lake Rock Wealth Management disclosed to us that they’d already worked with a party to create a logo but they didn’t like what they’d received because it didn’t fit their mission and values. They wanted a brand that could reflect the beauty of the name ‘Lake Rock’ while maintaining a level of professionalism and expertise that accompanies the data driven world of financial planning.Working from information we gathered during our discovery session, we were able to build a concept that intertwined elements of Superior agates, line graphs and other hints of the north shore. In the end, the Lake Rock leadership was extremely happy with the brand concept we created and we can’t thank them enough for trusting us with this investment, especially because they’d been through the process with no success once before.To view other logos Šek has designed, visit our work page.


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