Grand Marais Art Colony | 2021 Non-Fest

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Grand Marais Art Colony | 2021 Non-Fest

Grand Marais Art Colony | 2021 Non-Fest

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Event promotion is arguably one of the most important pieces of an event. After all, if no one knows about the event, no one will come.

The Challenge

Events are challenging enough on their own, let alone during a global pandemic. With the uncertainly of how the delta variant of Covid-19 would effect gatherings, Grand Marais Art Colony made the decision early to bring their 2021 North Shore Readers and Writers Festival virtual. With this change, the event was switched to the cheeky name of 'Non-Fest'. So Non-Fest had a new name locked in, but it needed a look and accompanying event promotion materials.

The Solution

Promotional efforts were focused digitally since that will be the event modality this year. Digital platforms were kept in mind, but we first needed to concept a design for the event social posts or web banners were created.With the switch to virtual being new this year, we focused on the Non-Fest part of the festival's differentiators. We kept the typeface complimentary to Grand Marais Art Colony overarching brand, using a soft, lake-inspired green. Even with the Non-Fest part of the event as the focus, we still wanted the intended audience for the event to be clear. So we included 'readers and writers' clearly in the event's branding. Additionally, we built the wordmark to be flexible to allow for it to be overlaid on imagery that would continue to tell the story of what attendees can expect from the event.

Want to See More?

We've helped promote events in all sorts of ways: digitally, print pieces, mailers, through social channels, you name it. We've listed just a few of our other event promotion projects we've worked on.


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