Grand Marais Art Colony | 2022 Arts Festival

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Grand Marais Art Colony | 2022 Arts Festival

Grand Marais Art Colony | 2022 Arts Festival

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Every year, Grand Marais Art Colony holds the Grand Marais Art Festival. It's a wonderful event that is as much fun as it is inspiring. But with putting on an event come promoting that event so people know about it and actually show up. Enter branding. Art festival branding.While an art festival is a fun thing to brand, it was a bit of a challenge to not only represent where the festival is held but also all the mediums that are featured there. Pottery, jewelry, paintings, photography, the list goes on.


The design we landed on incorporates an abstract look at the Grand Marais landscape. The blue and teal blocks represent the area's hillside. While the yellow circle and wavy lines represent the sun over Lake Superior - the beautiful view Grand Marais enjoys. The symbols are also nods to the various art mediums that are featured at the festival. Since the mediums are numerous, we kept the symbols loose enough to be open for personal interpretation but structured enough to keep the festival branding looking clean.As the art festival branding will be used on a number of place, we built out the design in serval formats. A horizontal version, one that's stacked, one of just the icon, one with just the text, full color, just white. You get the picture. This allow the design to be flexible. So whether it's used on a print ad, social media, signs at the event, or on Grand Marais Art Colony's website, everything will look professional and consistent.

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