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The video production team, Story Front, shot a number of video clips following the death of George Floyd in South Minneapolis. In partnership with Highway of Hope, Story Front captured in-depth interviews with Minneapolis community leaders. These interviews, as well as other footage, will be used in a visionary documentary focused on how to rebuild South Minneapolis.Our involvement on this project was two fold:

  1. Develop Highway of Hope's brand identity and logo
  2. Create a user-friendly website to showcase the interview video clips

Highway of Hope Brand Identity

In thinking through Highway of Hope's brand identity, we wanted to keep their visual design simple. The line workin the logo mimics that of street lines and signifies forward movement. The font is bold and strong to match the feeling Highway of Hope has about the strength of the community coming together. Real and authentic brand imagery was selected to truly capture the area and its residents. The imagery is optimistic without being cheesy or appearing posed. The colors are more muted but still provide variation and choice for the brand. The primary colors will be the simplistic, strong contrasting black and white.

Video Clip Website

For the website, the goal was for the video clips to be the main star of the show. By only including brief intro text and general contact information in the footer, the messages from the interviews could really come through.The layout of the page posed a challenge as there are so many video clips. We landed on organizing the video by person with the ability to scroll to the right to see more. This helped bring balance to the page while still showing the breath of videos available.Another main focus during development of the site was ensuring that the video watching experience would be intuitive for users. Options to watch a previous or next video clip, in addition to returning back to browsing, were all included. We presented each of these options in a way that users are fairly familiar with.To learn more of Highway of Hope's efforts, contact Art Erickson at art@urbanventures.org.Need help showcasing your work through a seamless, intuitive website? Reach out. We'd love to hear more about your project.


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