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Creating a brand identity is difficult. A lot of time and thought goes into perfectly capturing the personality, services and differentiating qualities of a business. Developing a brand identity only gets more challenging when a brand representation needs to fit for individuals as well as their team.Luckily, we're always up for a good challenge. So when Frank and Michael Messina, of Messina & Associates, came to us wanting a new brand, we were excited to take on the job. We first had to get caught up on their realtor team structure, but it basically breaks down to this. Frank oversees his team, which includes Michael. However, Michael has his own homes he manages outside of the team as well. So, our role was to visually distinguish the Messina team in an impactful way that also works for Frank and Michael to use on their own.

Solution: Flexible Brand

Like all of our projects we started by learning what's unique about Frank and Michael compared to their competitors. What truly makes them stand apart. The pieces that stood out to us the most were the father-son dynamic, the tradition of excellence and the strength of them as a team. All of these, in addition to a lot of industry research, lead to the inspiration for the brand identity design you see below.The logomark not only is a clear tie into a home's roofline but was also was designed to represent the "M" in Frank and Michael last name. We chose the roofline style to embody the strength Frank and Michael have as a team but also as an element that could be used separately. All brand materials fit within the overarching brand of Messina & Associates's parent company, Real Living. The two will always be used together so it was vital that they compliment each other nicely.

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This wasn't our first rodeo creating the brand identity for realtors — or even a Messina group realtor. We also previously worked with Kevin Kalligher and Kevin O'brien to develop differentiating brands unique to their individual approach. See how their new brands help them stand out in the realtor space.


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