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A business' storefront is its introduction to the world. Its chance at a first impression for many potential customers — especially for businesses in high traffic areas.Old Saw Media nabbed a fantastic new office in just one of those high traffic locations. Positioned right on Lake Superior (hello gorgeous view) as well as along popular Superior Street in Duluth, MN, their new location will experience a lot of both foot and drive-by traffic. With increased visibility, Old Saw Media came to us to create their storefront design.

Storefront Design

The space they wanted to redesign centered around the several large windows that make up the front of their office. They wanted the design to attract interest, introduce who they are and succinctly describe what they do. All while making sure the wonderful natural light they get from those same great big windows isn't entirely blocked.We created several options but ultimately landed on an attention grabbing incorporation of their saw icon and a fun play on words. The "ready to roll when you are" tagline nods to the common phrase phrase used in film production ("roll camera, annnnd action!"). We kept Old Saw's logo the singular focus of the door to drive brand name recognition. Service descriptors were included on the window perpendicular to the door as people who have an increased interest are likely to take a closer look. Additional information was added near the door such as social icons and appointment details. Each element was strategically incorporated in the storefront design to provide potential customers resources to get more information.

Thank You Cards

Expanding Old Saw Media's brand further, we design custom thank you cards for them to send to clients, vendors, etc. The card's design was kept clean and simple. The textured used on the front of the card compliments the rough nature found in their saw. The inside features a spin off of the same play on words used on their storefront design, tying everything together nicely. Ample white space was left inside the card to allow for room for a personalized message to the recipient.To see more storefront designs we've created view our blog post all about environmental design.


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