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If you could have any superpower, which would you choose?

I think I’d choose to have the ability to split into more versions of myself so I could have more time to learn and do all of the things that interest me. I always tell my wife that I wish I could have 3 of me to pursue my passions. Although, I think she’s fine just having the one.

Mike Smíšek

Founder, Creative Director

Mike Smíšek is the Owner/Creative Director of Šek Design. What began as a one-man band, kitchen table office in 2015, has now grown into a downtown studio and a talented team of designers. With a background in Fine Art and Physical Education from UMD, Mike approaches each creative challenge with the mindset of a teacher or coach. “My goal is to provide my team with the tools they need to succeed while constantly searching for new inspiration and efficient paths to creative solutions.” When he’s not sketching out ideas on the office whiteboard, his creativity is finding its way into house projects, blanket forts with his kids, and music. He’s been known to dream in design, so whatever project you have for him, he’s working on it, even when he’s sleeping. Mike and his wife also own and operate DLH Clothing, a small apparel business, focused on sharing Duluth pride through design and community engagement. Additionally, Mike is an active member of the Lake Superior Chapter of BNI and The Duluth Chamber of Commerce.

Other Team Members

Stephanie Peterson

Paul Carlon

Antonia Kaliher

Linnea Jungwirth

Sydney Ormsbee

Owen Zagrabelny

Sarah Herrick-Smíšek

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