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What sport did you try as a child and fail at?

At recess as a kid, I was always drawing on the sidewalk with sidewalk chalk or playing tag. One day, I worked up the courage to join a game of soccer for the first time. Well, 5 minutes in and I got hit in the face with the ball. Let’s just say sports were not my thing until high school, when I realized that playing tag was a real sport (a.k.a. running track and field).

Sydney Ormsbee

UX Specialist / Junior Designer

Sydney Ormsbee is a UI/UX and graphic designer from Brighton, MI. She attended Northern Michigan University in Marquette, graduating in 2022 with a Behavioral/Cognitive Neuroscience BS. Her love for Lake Superior and hiking trails drew her to Duluth after graduation. From her research studies about the human brain, being a NCAA teammate, and working with medical patients for over 3 years, she loves to surround herself with people. These experiences have given her the opportunity to bring her skills of dynamic communication and complex problem-solving to the Šek team. Her unique background continues to shape and inspire her designs. At Šek, she bridges the gap between web design and development. When she is not working at the studio, you’ll find her somewhere in the woods with her puppy, baking sourdough loaves, or skiing on the cross country trails. She also participates in craft night with friends every Tuesday night! She thinks life is best when coffee is in hand and surrounded by people who make her laugh.

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