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When you're running a business it's easy to focus on your clients and let your own branding fall to the back burner. But how your business is presented is vital to your success. Constructing a strong brand across all of your customers' touch points builds recognition, establishes credibility, provides internal direction, and drives referrals. Those touch points include everything from your logo, marketing materials, website, and everything in between.K+W Builders was one of many businesses that had let their own branding - and website - go untouched for quite some time. They initially came to us to design and develop a whole new website; however, we took that as an opportunity to to revisit their branding as well.


When thinking through K+W's brand we wanted to keep it simple. K+W does beautiful home builds and remodels, but at the end of the day, they're a straightforward, get-it-done (right) General Contractor. We wanted to develop a strong brand to reflect that.One of the first things we suggested was adjusting their previous name 'K&W Builders' to 'K+W Builders'. With another prominent building company in town already dotting the owners initials with and '&' symbol, we wanted to make sure K+W Builder stood apart as much as possible. The use of the '+' vs. the '&' also opened us up to some fun design potential.Another thing we kept in mind was making the brand flexible. We were tasked with rethinking the brand so it would fit within a new site, but we know well a brand doesn't (and shouldn't) stop there. So as we were developing the new logo, we tested it in various other mediums. Yard signs, truck wraps, business cards, etc. We wanted the new brand to be something that could seamlessly used wherever the business needs.


We wanted the K+W Builders website to be uncomplicated. Easy to navigate and informative. After a short intro, the site gets to the meat of the business - the services offered. Call-to-action nudges (in this case contacting K+W) are spread throughout the site to make it easy for site visitors to take the next step. Highly contrasting colors are used to lead viewers' eyes further down on the page.K+W's website may be on the smaller side. However, it still encompasses all the necessary components to make K+W Builder's digital presence stand apart from competitors.Need help thinking through how to get your own brand and website to make a strong impression? Reach out!And to check out other brands we've developed, visit our Work page.


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