Lyric Opera of the North | 2020 Summer Sparkler

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Lyric Opera of the North | 2020 Summer Sparkler

Lyric Opera of the North | 2020 Summer Sparkler

Lyric Opera of the North

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I have to hop on a Zoom call. I'll send out a Webex link for the meeting. Want to do a happy hour on Google Meet?All of these phrases exploded in March of 2020 as social distancing became imperative and virtual communication became the norm. The wide spread use of video sharing platforms was familiar to some, a strong learning curve for others, and part of a hard pivot many businesses had to make.

Shifting as an Organization

The Lyrical Opera of the North (LOON) was one such business that had to make a complete shift and rethink how they would operate. As an organization that's deeply rooted in bringing the community together (in-person) for world-class opera performances, they were at a crossroads. Luckily, the hard working LOON team got creative and leveraged social media channels to help bring their art form to the public.One of the LOON's events that was moved virtually in 2020 included their Summer Sparkler fundraiser. When coming up with the promotional design concepts for the event, the Šek team couldn't help but bring in a little playfulness. After months of virtual calls, the multi-tiled video screens was a sight all of us could relate to. This approach not only showed the medium the event will take place, but also captures LOON's good-natured personality by taking a lighthearted twist on the current circumstances.The colors of the promotional design emulates the heat of the summer felt during the time of the event. We had fun being cheeky with the names of the video participants (i.e. loons). We also captured shots that are all too common on video calls. The person sitting way to close to the camera, the person talking while muted, etc.

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Additional, if you'd like to learn more about LOON's Summer Sparkler event, visit loonopera.orgIf you'd like help bringing a fun and unique twist to your next event promotion, let us know. Our pencils and creative juices are always sharp.


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