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What's in a name? Shakespeare's Juliet seemed to think not much — as she believed a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet. While that may be true for roses, the same can't be said for businesses. A organization's name give identity to the business and allows for customers to better identify with the products or services offered.


Dr. Kyler Hammer understood the importance of having a characterizing name for his practice. Especially as it needed to fit across all of his Duluth branches. While brainstorming name concepts, we not only looked into names that stood apart from other dental office. We also took careful consideration to how the name would look visually as well. Some ideas came across aggressive or off putting. Port City Dental provided visual balance and a softness. It gives a nod to the practice's location, in turn differentiating itself from large corporate branches. In addition, Port City Dental works nicely as an umbrella name for Dr. Hammer's multiple locations.

Brand Design

With the name in place, we moved to developing other brand identity elements. The logo's general shape was designed to have the feel of a tooth without looking like a commonly depicted tooth. The hills, water, and lighthouse components within the logo tie into the name, again, signaling the location of the practice. The overall brand feel is pronounced through calming colors that exude a sense of professionalism as well as a connection to the medical field.While intricate, the brand elements were created to be adjusted for various used. The logo, specifically, was created with primary colors as well as in dark and light versions to allow for a variety of overlay options.In addition to signage, business cards, and letterhead, we also created ads for Port City Dental. The ads were designed to include a strong sense of honesty in an effort to better connect with viewer. This approach helps humanizes the brand and stands out from most advertisements.Take a look through the various brand elements showcase below, and let us know if we can help elevate your brand.


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