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One of the great things about design is that it spans across all industries. Letting us dive deep into some pretty unique businesses. Like electrostatic disinfecting. We definitely couldn't have predicted we'd learn about that. When Bernard McCarthy came to us after having bought an electrostatic cleaning machine, however, we immersed ourselves deep in all things electrostatic.

Branding the Unfamiliar

With his new machine at the center, Bernard was ready to launch a revolutionary cleaning business. The machine has a complicated sounding premise, though, as it uses a positively charged spray to clean a number of surface types. So naming and branding the company would be pivotal to educating and attracting customer.

Since we're not all experts in how electrostatic works, we wanted the name and design of the business to be easy to interpret. The electrostatic cleaning uses an EPA-approved disinfectant, so it was important that the brand's professionalism and credibility show through. Bernard also wanted to tie the business' name to the Duluth region he'd like to serve. We had to tread lightly here as the number of businesses that use "Duluth" in their name are overwhelming. We wanted to nod to Duluth without it taking focus away from the service the business provides. All of these factors, plus loads of industry and electrostatic research, brought us to the business name Static Clean Duluth.Static Clean Duluth checked all the naming boxes we wanted to tick, but we chose to also add a further clarifying tagline, "positively charged cleaning", to help make the business even more approachable. The subtle design elements seamlessly illustrate how the cleaning technique works. Additionally, the design is intentionally flexible so its use can be easily implemented across any number of marketing or communication pieces.New help naming and branding your new endeavor? Let us help! The more unique the better.


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