What’s your favorite hot sauce?

It’s hard to beat Frank’s Original, but I think that Melinda’s Mango Habanero and Steve’s Pepper Sauce from over in Grand Rapids are both better. Apparently naming the sauce after the creator is critical to how good a sauce tastes.

Owen Zagrabelny

Video Production

Owen Zagrabelny is a freelance videographer who started working regularly with the Sek Team in January 2024. A born and bred Duluthian, he graduated from Lake Superior College in 2021 and decided to stay in the area for family as well as the great outdoors here. (Why would he leave?)

He’s been behind a camera all his life and pursued it as a career because he loves all the storytelling possibilities that video brings.

Outside of work, Owen enjoys running. We aren’t sure who or what he’s running from, but he seems to enjoy it all the same. To balance out his exercising, you can also find him in the kitchen, chowing down on what is likely his second helping of whatever’s on the menu.

Owen loves what he does here at Sek and brings his enthusiasm and a trained eye to every project he’s a part of.

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