First Light

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Sarah Herrick-Smíšek

Business Coordinator

Born and raised in Duluth, Minnesota, I've always been captivated by the beauty and strength of Lake Superior. Whether it's the quiet mornings watching the sea smoke hovering over the water or the vibrant sunsets painting the horizon, the lake holds a special place in my heart.

Nestled with a good book in one hand and a steaming cup of black tea in the other, I find solace and inspiration in the simple pleasures of life. There's something magical about getting lost in the pages of a well-crafted story while savoring the rich aroma of a perfectly brewed cup of tea.

When it comes to work (and life), my passion lies in fostering genuine connections. I am dedicated to infusing humanity into every aspect of your business or organization. I believe that the key to effective communication lies in authenticity and empathy, and my goal is to bring out the human element in your brand.

Whether it's through engaging social media posts, informative emails, captivating website content, or insightful blog articles, I strive to provide information that resonates with your audience. It brings me great joy to be the voice that enhances the way you communicate with your community, ensuring that your message is not just heard, but truly felt.

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